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Susanne Stadler is an acclaimed architect and ED/CEO of a nonprofit. She is dedicated to empowering the voices of the aging population for a more fulfilling life. As aging is a reality everyone faces, she believes that bridging different professions and perspectives is the best way to influence our lives and communities. In her 20 years of experience, she has seen first-hand the need for fully accessible homes, offices and civic buildings. She brings her expertise in design and passion for advocacy to build the foundation on what it means to be "at home with growing older."

Through personal narrative and professional experience, Stadler takes a strong stance for transforming policy, design and social standards to be more inclusive and human-centered for the aging community. Her nonprofit, At Home With Growing Older, has cultivated a following among Bay Area professionals, from lawyers, to designers to social workers. This network bolsters her claim that through and integrated approach, we can and we must find a better way to age for all. Susanne Stadler's presentations inspire vital conversations.  


age-friendly community

Susanne Stadler takes her experience as an architect and social entrepreneur to present on possible solutions to making an age-friendly community. She examines policy, design and social factors that impact people's aging experience physically and emotionally. 



age-friendly home

Susanne Stadler takes her professional experience as an architect to present on Age-Friendly Homes. She provides a range of solutions that are simple enough to implement immediately and other designs that are not only helpful but are aesthetically pleasing. 


interdisciplinary workshop

Susanne Stadler presents on how a diverse group of professions is what is necessary to make an impact on the aging experience. Changing home designs, social experiences and policy, all require a multifaceted mindset the relies on working together. 

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